Vacation inspired fashion review

So I'm back from my vacation, a.k.a. back to civilisation.
I spent 10 days on a wild island where I actually saw more lizards than human beings. I came back tanned, full of scratches (that luckly cannot be seen because of th ten so I can still wear shorts) and relaxed.
The wild island that I've visited is settled in Mediterrian sea, on Croatian coast and it's called Lastovo. And when I say it's little, I mean tiny tiny, 800 people living there tiny. Here are some pics!

Island of Lastovo, Croatia

Fashion vacation

If you're wondering what I wore, it's pretty much simple. Shorts, dresses, tops, bikinis, sunnies and a hat: vacation must-haves. Nevertheless, that wonderful island really inspired me when it comes to fashion and creativity. Get ready, here it goes!

Mediterrian "dolce vita"

Mediterrian plus fashion means one thing: Dolce&Gabbana. No really, the whole scenery looked like their campaigns and I realized where Stephano and Domenico get so much inspiration. Although it's on Croatian coast, the influence of Italian "dolce vita" and "dolce far' niente" ("sweet doing nothing") is present there big time!

Dolce&Gabbana ss12 campaign

Dolce&Gabbana ss13 campaign

Dolce&Gabbana ss14 campaign


A pretty much stupid thing I did was bringing heels over there. The island is literally wild! Full of sharp rocks and wild shrubs. The only thing I'll say is RIP my sandals. I'm not sure if there are suitable shoes designed for that terrain.

Michael Kors, Akris, Hermes

Trust me when I say, ain't no Givenchys or Saint Laurens are made for that terrain!

However, Sophia Webster may pass and survive the island

Summer colours

If you say summer, I say blue, red and white!


Sailor chic

"Ahoy captain" is what summer is all about! Reay to fall in love with blue-white stripes and anchor print? Hope you are!


It's rainy day on summer vacation, ain't no hallelujah!

As much as I dislike rain when I'm supposed to be getting tanned and enjoying the sun, a proper outfit for cooler day has to be somewhere in your suitcase!

Michael Kors, Celine, Burberry Prorsum, Antipodium

Hope you enjoyed my vacation inspired fashion review, new post comming soon!

Bisou, bisou

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