Gone into redecorating


What happened? Where have I been? And most importantly, where are my comments on "big four" fashion weeks?
Well, the reason I haven't been commenting NYFW and LFW is becaause I'd been to hospital and when I came back I had promised to comment MFW and PFW.
Yes, sorry about that. Wondering why? The answer is nowhere else but in my room. It is totally redecorated and to repay to all of you who have been waiting for my comments, I will post some photos. 
Very vintage and original, just the way I like. 

Entrance to "Mon Petit Royaume" (my little kingdom)
So this is my handmade poster with an significant inscripture placed on my doors.

Closet, the most important piece of furniture a fashion lover owns, cost me the most of my time. Nevertheless, I don't mind because it really looks gorgeous as I see it!
This is how I decorated the door of the closet. One part is dedicated to great Marylin Monroe, I put LBD in honour to Chanel, there are Dior jewels too and haute couture poster.

 They say not to judge book by the cover, but even if you did judge my closet by the cover I wouldn't mind. However, the inside is much better, and I'm not talking about the clothes. Ready?

20th century fashion retrospective

Strike a pose VOGUE!

Aaand here comes the clothes!

Before and after situation... I have to tell you, it really feels good!

Colours, cuts, prints... Uhh I just love it!!

That's not all, of course, here are some other creative stuff! I DIY some of them and I have to tell you, I'm like really satisfied with the way it turned out, which is extremly rare in case of a perfectionist like me. My main inspiration were vintage movies, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Casablanca, Some like it hot and so on. What can I say, I'm really into it!

Bon appetit from Tiffany's!

Could not help, felt in love in it, bought it right away!

My memory box filled with checks, tickets and stuff like that

Hope you liked it!


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